• 1. How far in advance do I need to book?

    You can make a reservation up to 24 hours before the arrival time. For your urgent transfer needs in less time, you can request a vehicle by calling our phone number 0 535 357 0 357.

    2. How should I choose the transfer time on the way to the airport?

    Please note that when choosing the transfer time, you must be at the airport at least one hour before the flight time for domestic flights and 2 hours before the flight time for international flights. The vehicle will pick you up at the time you want.

    3. Where will you wait for me at the airport?

    Our officer waiting for you will wait for you at the exit gate after the suitcase and customs work is completed, with a letter bearing the VOYAGE EFFE logo, your name or the word you specify, and an A4 size signboard. In addition, our drivers follow you with the flight code and contact you with the whatsapp application before your plane lands.

    4. What do I do when I can’t find the attendant?

    When you request a transfer, vehicle and driver information will be sent to your mobile phone or e-mail address. In any case, call us on the driver’s phone number given to you or on 0 535 357 0 357.

    5. What should I do if my arrival flight is delayed or arrives early?,

    You will not be charged extra for a possible delay during your airport arrival journey. We track your flight with the flight number you provided. If your flight is delayed, our driver will wait until your flight lands.

    6. Is it okay if I spend more than half an hour during baggage and customs clearance?

    30 minutes delay is not a problem during baggage and customs procedures, you have a delay of 60 minutes. When you encounter a lost baggage problem at the airport, you have to inform us when extra baggage works.

    7. Do you have child seats in your vehicles?

    You have free child seat service for families with children to travel safely with their children. Please let us know if you need a child seat at the time of booking.

    8. Are your vehicles air-conditioned?

    All our vehicles are air-conditioned.

    9. Do you issue invoices?

    Yes. Your invoice will be issued to the billing information you have provided when requesting the transfer.

    10. How will the payment be made?

    Within the scope of the Corporate Travel program, you need to make a transfer to the account number that we have informed your company about the invoice amount.

    11. Our guest wants to make the payment, not our company?

    All our vehicles have mobile pos devices. Your guest can pay by credit card or cash.

    12. Is the information we provide shared elsewhere?

    All of the information you have provided for the transfer service is kept confidential in the data of our system and this information will not be shared with third parties.

    13. What do I need to do for lost items?

    If you think you have forgotten something in our vehicle, you can call us or give us information by e-mail. It will be sent by courier to the address you specify.

    14. Can I transfer with a wheelchair?

    Yes. If you are traveling with a wheelchair, please specify at the time of booking whether your chair is foldable.

    15. Is my transfer insured?

    Yes. All our vehicles have compulsory accident and seat insurance.

    16. What is the importance of authorization documents?

    D2 authorization certificate is given by the Ministry of Transport to real and legal persons who will transport passengers for commercial purposes. Türsab A group travel agency certificate is issued by the Ministry of Tourism. No transfer service can be made without these documents. Our company has all the necessary documents.


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